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St. Agni Yuka Slide Tan

Regular price $169.00

Made from the softest Leather, Leather lining and a rubber non-slip sole.

The Yuka Tan Leather Slide is the ultimate go anywhere shoe for summer.

Effortless for sunny days to balmy nights.

All of our shoes are made by hand and run on full standard European sizing through from size 35 to 42. We encourage you to consider our style-specific sizing recommendations when selecting the right size for yourself and your customer.


Our open toe styles are generally true to size, and we recommend you make your selection accordingly. Due to the nature of these designs, and the forward motion of the foot in the shoes upon walking, it is likely that you will slide forward in these styles slightly as you wear them. Please keep this in mind, and trust that the deliciously soft leather will naturally give and relax with wear.

You may consider going down one size because of this, especially if you have a narrow foot.

Please note - whilst we endeavour to guide your selections as accurately as possible from our extensive experience with the product and feedback from our community, there is no single rule that can be applied, as every individual is unique with different needs and preferences. Please keep this in mind when making your selections.


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