Raw leather and Italian linens, a celebration of textiles, travel and craftsmanship….  

In 2016, Estilo Emporio launched a line of linen clothing manufactured in Italy and inspired by a love affair with the Amalfi Coast and the meeting of a local likeminded designer. The Linen collection supports the artistry of making clothes; honoring the real, traditional, artisanal methods of manufacturing with raw-flax woven on ancient looms by Italian artisans. The collection complements Estilo Emporio’s philosophy - rustic elegance that is alternative, sincere and functional with flair - aimed at delivering only the highest quality product and a collection that strikes the perfect balance between international influence and Australian everyday style. 

The concept ‘Linen and Leather’ now forms the framework of the brand to converge two respected raw materials in a sophisticated symphony of styles that understands what it truly means to be stylish and comfortable, while settling the tone of a quality lifestyle culminated in sensory textures for global tastes.